Manual Update of Registrar Information: EPP Contact Details

In this entry, we will be focusing on manually updating a registrar’s EPP contact information. Be sure to take of all the steps and follow them accordingly.

Step 1: Connect to

Access the terminal (or Command Prompt) and the run the command ssh as per example below:

*Note: You may have to request for a user to be created for you to connect on


Step 2: Enter your password

After running the command of ssh, you will be prompted to enter a password as per example below:



Once your password is entered, you will be connected and ready to run the command of updating the EPP contact information.


Step 3: Run the Select command

Once you’re connected, you’ll be able to run the following command to view the information needed to update the a registrar’s EPP contact info:

select * from contact where id = <input the registrar’s ID>;

In the screenshot below you’ll see how the command will look like:

This will display the EPP client’s contact information in the following fields:

1. wid

2. id

3. cdate

4. email

5. phone

6. fax

7. type

8. rar

9. phone_ext

10. fax_ext

Here’s an example as per the screenshot below of how the information will be displayed:

Step 4: Run The Update Command

Once you’ve reviewed the EPP client’s contact information, you may then begin to run the update command. Here are the steps you need to take when running the update command.

  1. BEGIN: before beginning the update command, you’ll need to input this command: begin;
    This ensures that you’ll be running the update in a safe environment in order initiate a rollback should the wrong field be updated.

  2. UPDATE COMMAND: this is the following command to run the update:
    update contact set <insert field> = <requested update> where id = <client ID>;

  3. FINALIZE THE UPDATE: If the update is successful, then it will display UPDATE 1. You can confirm you have successfully ran the update by running the command in step 3. Once you’ve confirmed this, you need to finalize the update by inputting the command: commit;
    This will update the requested contact information of the EPP client.

    This is how step 4 will appear as per the screenshot below: