Manual Deletion Of Domains

This entry will focus on the process of the manual deletion of EPP domains. Follow all the steps below accordingly:


Step 1: Connect to

Access the terminal (or Command Prompt) and the run the command ssh as per example below:

*Note: You may have to request for a user to be created for you to connect on


Step 2: Enter your password

After running the command of ssh, you will be prompted to enter a password as per example below:

Once your password is entered, you will be connected and ready to run the command of deleting an EPP domain.


Step 3 : Run the delete command

To delete the domain requested, the following command must be used:

Afterwards, confirm the deletion of the domain by typing and entering YES, and the domain will be deleted.

*Note: When confirming the deletion, be sure to take note that it is case sensitive, so you’ll need to enter YES in All Caps.


Bonus Tip: Deleting Multiple EPP Domains

To delete multiple EPP domains at once, you will need to run the command below. Replace domain1 and domain2 with the domains you wish to delete and keep a space between domain names:

varBl="domain1 domain2"
for domain in $varBl; do echo "Please delete $domain"; $domain; done