Suspending, Taking Down or removing a domain from it's zone.


This document describes the process to stop a domain from resolving. As per the title, it could also be referred to as suspending a domain or doing a Take down.

This just documents the process to effect the suspension. It does not document the rationale behind that decision. That is typically a judgement call based on the assessed situation, reporting party etc. with due regard towards legal liability, the zone, the harm done, contracts involved etc.


To remove any domain from a zone involves a two step process. First you set the domain status to ‘inactive’. This will remove the domain from the zone. You then set those other two statuses, while turning off the inactive in the same action. If you leave out the first step, the zone is still 'resolveable', just no one can do anything with it.


To remove a domain from the zone in Gateway Panel follow these steps:

  1. Find the domain on

  2. In the ‘Actions’ widget, click on ‘Update Status’

  3. Remove the ‘OK’ status and check the ‘inactive’ status then ‘Submit’ the update.

  4. Open the status widget again and this time check ‘clientHold’ and ‘serverHold’ entries:

  5. Submit the second update.

  6. Confirm the statuses are applied on a whois check at .

    You should see these statuses set:

    Domain Status: serverHold Domain Status: clientHold


  7. Reply to the support ticket received and CC the Registrar or Reseller in on the correspondence. This will inform them on the issue and avert any support requests for this, now, non resolving domain. Here is an example of a reply:

  8. Add a note on the domain with a link to the support ticket in Panel:


  9. For zones where DNS is not the Registry Operator (such as, and until such time as the Admin Policy is in place (POL-80, this will allow updates on domains), a Jira task must be setup to manually update the domain in the current sprint and assigned to David Peall. An example of such a task can be found here.